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Have fun and stay positive.

Chair Pilates - Slower Pilates  


Level 1-2 and 3 Pilates


Total body workouts and Stretch and Flex.


One new  Pilates class added weekly

Over 600  Pilates classes to choose from 

Text/WhatsApp Simona - 07917 103 856

Hundreds of Pilates classes available

Chair Pilates we have 86 classes                      Slower Pilates we have 85 classes


Pilates level 1 we have 137 classes                 Pilates level 2/3 we have 163 classes


Stretch and flex we have 12 classes               Total body work out we have 65 classes

Classes are from 10 to 60 minutes the  shorter classes are a variety of Pilates exercises targeting different body areas. 

One new Pilates class added to the members area weekly

Over 600 Pilates classes available in the members available to watch 24/7.

Online classes

The joy of movement 

Save time and money with Pilates Classes Online 


Pick the classes that are suitable for you

available all day every day

Member's videos

Benefits of Pilates Classes Online

Pilates has many benefits whether you are looking to improve sporting performance, have a specific health problem or generally want to improve your health and well being. 

Pilates can help:

Strengthen your central core

With injury prevention

Increase joint stability

Maximise your overall wellbeing

Improve spinal alignment and postural position

Reduce or eliminate aches and pains 

Enhance muscle tone

Its never to late to start Pilates

Pilates is recommend by many doctor's and physiotherapist's to help reduce and prevent lower back, hip and knee pain whilst increasing mobility and flexibility.
About Simona

About Simona


Originally from a small village Ponikla in the Czech Republic I moved to the UK in 2004 .


Whilst working as a fitness instructor in LA fitness back in 2005 I realised how many people were carrying  niggling injuries particularly lower back, knee and  hip problems.


I realised a lot of these injuries were caused by long term poor posture, how we walk, stare at a screen, drive our car, etc. I had joined a pilates class myself and realised that Pilates would benefit so many of the clients I was seeing in the gym.


I enrolled into Pilates teacher training through the David Lloyd Academy, passed my exams and in 2007 I became a level 3 Matt pilates instructor. Since then I have regularly attended Pilates workshops to keep up to date  with all things Pilates related.


I have taught Pilates to people of all ages and fitness levels both on and off line for many years including the prestigious Eton school for boys in Berkshire.

I really am passionate about helping people get the benefit from Pilates that I myself have along with so many of my Pilates Team.


Start increasing your movement mobility and flexibility with my Pilates today.

It really does work.

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Text/WhatsApp Simona - 07917 103 856

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