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Chair Pilates

Exercise in the comfort of your own home

100 Chair Pilates classes available in the

 members area to watch at a time suitable for you.

600 on demand classes to suit all levels in the members area.

Text/WhatsApp Simona - 07917 103 856

Chair Pilates Classes

  • Do you  prefer a slower pace ?

  • Are you managing an injury ?

  • Are you new to exercise ?

  • Do you prefer to exercise in the comfort of your own home ?

My Chair Pilates classes  are suitable for all  fitness levels including complete beginners its the perfect solution. 

With my gentle stretching and strengthening exercises the aim is to improve your strength, reduce any pain and increase flexibility in your back, hips, knees, shoulders etc. The focus is on quality rather than quantity, movements are slow and repeated only a few times. 

My Chair Pilates  classes last 30 minutes there are 100 classes available 24/7 in the members area of my website.

Equipment Needed

You do not need any equipment to start Chair Pilates other than a chair :-)


Equipment we can use  a low resistance band, low weight dumbbells 1-2 KG, head block and bender ball these are not essential to begin with.

Contact me if you are not sure what to get.

Resistance training with low weight can help promote stronger bones increasing density and joint flexibility.

It can also help reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

Its never to late to start Pilates.

What people say

Great class Simona! Especially enjoy the mixed ability classes. See you on Thursday.

Liz, Nuffield Club

Text/WhatsApp Simona - 07917 103 856

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