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Pilates Level 1

Exercise in the comfort of your own home

We have 150 Level 1 - Pilates classes in the members area

20, 30 and 60 minute classes available


We have 600 Pilates classes to suit all levels in the members  area

Text/WhatsApp Simona - 07917 103 856

Pilates Classes Level 1 

My Pilates Classes online Level 1  provides a wider range of exercises than my Pilates Classes Online Beginners Classes and are suitable for those that have a reasonable level of fitness or that have practiced Pilates before but wish to continue to work at a moderate pace.


You will learn in greater detail how to apply the correct breathing whilst stabilising and mobilising your body whilst gaining better control, power and understanding of how your body  moves.

Equipment Required

You will need a towel and a head block or cushion,


You will also need a low resistance band and low weight dumbbells 1-3 KG but not essential to begin with.

Contact me if you are not sure what to get.

Resistance training with low weight can help promote stronger bones increasing density and joint flexibility.

It can also help reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

Its never to late to start Pilates

What people say

Great class Simona! Especially enjoy the mixed ability classes. See you on Thursday.

Liz, Nuffield Club

Text/WhatsApp Simona - 07917 103 856

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